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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Day's Potential

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Light shining through the window

To maximize the potential of your day, it all begins the night before.

For a busy mom, mornings can often be quite chaotic and rushed.

Setting things up the night before can help ease the stress and tension that typically come with managing the morning routine.

By preparing in advance, you can create a smoother start to your day, allowing you to focus more on your tasks and less on last-minute scrambling.

Here are 5 tips for Maximizing Your Day's Potential.

1. Prep your coffee

Getting my coffee ready for the morning kickstarts my day as soon as I open my eyes. We all crave something to look forward to, and for me, that's my morning coffee.

There's just something about that steaming cup of goodness that soothes me and readies me for the day ahead. The comforting aroma that fills the kitchen as it brews is like a warm hug in a mug.

The evening prior, I diligently cleaned the coffee pot, topped up the reservoir, and sprinkled coffee grounds into the maker. It may seem mundane, yet there's a peculiar satisfaction in this simple ritual.

In the morning, in my half-asleep state, I simply plug in the coffee machine and wait for the comforting sound of dripping that signals the brewing of my coffee.

The anticipation of that first sip pulls me out of my drowsiness, signaling the official start of the day.

This simple routine not only saves me time but also eases me into the day without the need for too much thinking while I'm still shaking off sleep.

2. Review your schedule

I review my daily schedule and things to do the night before. It helps me set the tone for the day ahead and mentally prepare for what's coming.

I rely on my Google Calendar to check my family's appointments and then transfer them to my daily planner for effective time blocking throughout the day.

Prioritizing tasks is key; I categorize them based on urgency and importance, focusing on what will move me closer to achieving my goals.

However, when it comes to more challenging tasks, there's a debate about whether to tackle the hard ones first or save them for later.

"If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first." - Mark Twain

Esteemed author and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, analyzes Mark Twain's quote in this article, by drawing a parallel to the frog analogy as a pivotal task. He warns that the temptation to procrastinate may hinder the completion of that very task.

While this approach has its merits, I find that my mornings are typically busier, so I prefer to tackle the major tasks later in the day when things have settled down.

By starting with simpler, more routine tasks, I can clear my plate of the mundane stuff, leaving me more mental space to focus on bigger responsibilities.

It's all about finding what works best for you; consider where in your schedule you can give your full attention to the important tasks that demand more time and effort.

3. Take time to show gratitude

Acknowledging life's trials and tribulations is not just important; it's vital. These experiences are not just hurdles to overcome; they are valuable lessons that build resilience within us.

I believe in approaching life with a positive mindset, focusing on silver linings rather than getting lost in complaints. By facing challenges head-on, we grow stronger, and better equipped to handle whatever life throws our way.

A great article by Forbes, highlights seven scientifically proven benefits of practicing gratitude, a concept that resonates deeply with me.

I have found immense value in the practice of maintaining a gratitude journal, a simple yet powerful habit that helps me appreciate life's blessings.

This gratitude journal is a favorite of mine for that very reason. With limited time to spare, it allows me to promptly jot down all that I appreciate in under 5 minutes.

As someone with ADHD, I find that concise prompts and swift journaling work best for me. You can get yours here.

Moreover, navigating motherhood while raising children with special needs fills my mind with unspoken worries and uncertainties, creating a constant whirlwind of emotions.

Gratitude journal

Through the act of journaling, I not only find a sense of peace and comfort but also gain a clearer perspective on the abundance of blessings in my life and the aspects that I can actively influence and control.

4. Choose your outfit

I strongly believe that when you look good, you feel good. I find it boosts my spirits and enhances my mindset to be well-groomed and put together.

I intentionally pick outfits that boost my confidence and make me feel amazing. I usually have a few options because I wake up with a different vibe each morning. Sound familiar?

This simple act removes the need to make one decision in the morning, freeing up my mind to prioritize moments with my family without distraction.

Before deciding on what to wear, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. The weather

  2. Plans for the day

  3. Comfort

Firstly, checking the weather is crucial as it influences the thickness of clothing needed. When living on an island, the climate was typically hot and humid, making cool and breezy pieces the norm.

However, after moving to the United States, adjusting to varying temperatures became a priority.

Working from home has its perks, allowing for a comfortable uniform of leggings and a cozy pullover sweater. These leggings are my go-to with deep pockets that stay sleek even at home.

When plans call for stepping out, a swift switch into joggers, a laid-back tee, and a versatile outer layer is the ultimate pick.

These joggers are from the same brand as the leggings, guaranteeing a flawless fit! And the best part? They've got pockets! You never know when you'll need to haul what your kid won't! 🙌

This blend of comfort and style ensures readiness for any outing while maintaining a relaxed vibe throughout the day.

5. 10-minute power clean

Before winding down for the night, I make it a nightly ritual to spend about 10 minutes doing a quick power clean of my kitchen. This little act not only helps me unwind but also serves as a way of giving a high-five to my future self.

Clean kitchen

I find comfort in knowing that waking up to a tidy kitchen sets a positive tone for the day ahead, creating a sense of calm and order right from the start.

Clearing the dinner dishes, giving the counters a quick wipe, and sweeping away crumbs are my main tasks. This routine usually happens post-dinner to signal that the kitchen is officially closed!

These microfiber cleaning cloths are incredibly durable! Despite my daughter's tendency to leave a fair bit of grime on her side of the table, these cleaning cloths effortlessly tackle the mess.

With a set routine the night before, I'm ready for whatever life throws at me. Perfection isn't the goal, but I thrive on structured days. And in that structure, I make room for the unexpected because it's always better to be prepared than caught off guard.

To all the busy moms out there, let's not forget - awesome days don't just fall into our laps. They're crafted from every thoughtful gesture and every mindful minute we weave into our day.

Whether it's our morning coffee routines or those quick 10-minute tidy-ups, each move plays a part in the beautiful melody of our daily victories.

I hope these 5 tips for maximizing your day's potential have inspired you to create a routine that truly motivates you.

To support you in finding this balance, consider subscribing to join me on our journey to navigate life. Together, we'll craft our days, making room for the beautiful chaos that fills the moments in between.



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