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Meet Fe

I created this blog to help others who struggle with creating balance in their lives. Specifically busy families of special needs children. I know a thing or two about this as I am a mother of two kids with Autism.

Being a mom of kids with special needs, it was a constant struggle for me to go to work while knowing my child needed me. I always felt guilty about whichever decision I chose. 


I decided that I would make a compromise. I created The Structured Approach because I believe that I shouldn’t have to feel guilty about my decisions. I could be with my kids and operate my business at the same time. Having the flexibility within my schedule was what made everything worth it. 

If you need help organizing your life because you feel overwhelmed and can't find the time for yourself, check out my Time Management Method Course. 

    My Story

    When my kids and I relocated to the mainland from the island of Guam, I left my career, my parents, and my home.


    To say that I was homesick and lonely was an understatement. It was over 8,000 miles from my comfort zone and I was in a bit of a culture shock. I was in unknown territory since I've been an island girl from birth. Did I mention that I traveled with my two kids with special needs? The trip itself was fine and they were very well-behaved but twenty hours of travel can take a toll on everyone.  


    With no friends nearby or family around, I was determined not to let it ruin this new experience. I knew that I wasn't comfortable with leaving my kids in a daycare or community center since we were still new to the area. Having a full-time job would be difficult as well since I'd have to travel a couple of hours a day to and from work which is too long if you ask me. Considering I came from an island that was 30 miles long and 12 miles wide, driving 55 miles one way was crazy to me. Not to mention that is additional time I'd be away from my kids. 

    Adapting to change can be difficult but when you change your mindset and focus on what's truly important, you can overcome any obstacle. According to an article by Harvard Medical, your mind can be a powerful healing tool when given the chance. By concentrating on your end goal, you can convince your mind and body that success is in your future. To be productive, you have to do the little things in life that may seem fruitless.